Public History Applied Projects

The Following projects took place as part of my experience in the  Masters in Public History program at the University of Western Ontario. 

This Hour of Trial and Sorrow

this-hour-of-trial-and-sorrow-coverI was  one of the researchers, authors and editors of This Hour of Trial and Sorrow, a book that explored the Great War military

Holding the award at Queen’s Park after the ceremony

experiences of London brothers Woodman and Ibbotson Leonard.  The research I conducted focused on the wartime contributions of Canada’s industries and looked especially at the efforts of the Leonard family’s shell-making firm. This Hour won the Lt. Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation and has gone into its second printing.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation

 Somebody Call the Doctor: The Doctor’s Bag

The Doctor’s Bag

I led one of the exhibit teams who, in association with the Western Medical Artifact Collection, researched, designed and implemented Somebody Call The Doctor, an exhibit on nineteenth century medicine in rural Ontario.

My team’s exhibit, titled The Doctor’s Bag discussed house calls and the practice of ‘kitchen table’ home surgeries. We selected artifacts from the larger medical collection that best supported our information, prepared them for exhibition and constructed mounts for the objects that required them. Click here for the didactic panels we researched and wrote for “The Doctor’s Bag”.

155 Oxford Street East Heritage Designation Report

155 oxford

I prepared an extensive heritage designation report on 155 Oxford Street East, a historic London, Ontario property.

The report was presented to a decision-making meeting of the London Advisory Council on Heritage (LACH), and the London Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO).

The information it contained is being used in a study to determine the surrounding neighbourhood’s eligibility for Heritage Conservation District status.

Click here to read my designation report.

@LdnOntWWI Twitter Project

I developed content for the @LdnOntWWI Twitter feed by researching London Free Press headlines from 1915 and 1916. The feed commemorates how  London, Ontario participated in and was affected by the Great War. Historic headlines of local and national importance became tweets that could reach a new audience. Read the feed here.

Artifact Cataloguing and Condition Reporting

dsc01722I evaluated a 1953 Burroughs, Wellcome & Co. “Agla” Micrometer set and recommended it as a permanent addition to the artifact collection.

I also catalogued the micrometer set and wrote a detailed condition report for the artifact.

You can read my evaluation, catalogue form and condition report here.

Interactive Exhibit Animatronic

For my Interactive Exhibit Design course, I had the chance to design, build and program a simple animatronic as a proof-of-concept for a larger, purely conceptual exhibition. You can find much more about the project on my blog, herehere and here.

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