Fleming College Applied Projects

The following projects took place as part of my experience in Fleming College’s Museum Management and Curatorship program. 

Completed Pop-up Exhibit

The single largest applied project during my time at Fleming was the development, creation and installation of Ebb & Flow: Stories of a River City, a series of six pop-up exhibits, each exhibit being developed by a separate group of students in partnership with the Peterborough Museum & Archives.

My team was responsible for Out of the Ashes, an exhibit looking at the Peterborough’s industrial history from a worker’s perspective. The tasks involved in bringing this exhibit to completion included:

Developing an exhibit design and work schedule

Researching, writing and editing interpretive panels

Creating visual designs for panels, interactive activities and props

Preparing artifacts for exhibition and fabricating mounts

Dry-mounting panels and creating exhibit props

Preparing gallery space for safe and efficient exhibit installation



Completed Mini-Exhibit

I created  a “Mini-Exhibit”, featuring the object that was the focus of my Research Dossier (see below).

This exhibit included the original General Electric motor, a new Plexiglas case I made for the display, an interpretive panel and an interactive component developed to engage the public.dickinson-panel-finalms

Mini-Exhibit Preparations

Developed condition report for mini-exhibit artifact and performed recommended treatments with permission of Curator.

Designed and created interactive flip-board for mini-Exhibit to compliment artifact and interpretive panel

Shaped new Plexiglas ‘sneeze guard’ case for use when motor is on display

Wrote interpretive text and designed visuals for interpretive panel using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

NovaMuse Data Cleaning and Enrichment Project

In partnership with the Cape Breton Centre for Heritage and Science

Reviewed assigned artifact records to ensure compliance with NovaMuse standards, edited and expanded descriptions and developed Georeferences for artifacts when possible

Researched pair of chosen artifacts to enrich relevant information fields in their records

Wrote Site Report for the Cape Breten Centre to collate research, chart changes made to records and to suggest new approaches for data entry going forward

Cataloguing Assignment

Catalogued two artifacts into the permanent collection of the Peterborough Museum & Archives following standardized guidelines developed by the museum.

Developed accurate, complete and good quality collection records with clear photographs useful for visual identification purposes.

To read the publicly available versions of these records, see here and here.

Trent Radio Spot

Broadcasting at Trent Radio

Scripted and Story-boarded three minute radio spot about an artifact from the Peterborough Museum & Archives for broadcast on Trent Radio.

Produced three minute spot, which included recording narration, sourcing and editing sound effects, mixing various audio sources and preparing spot for broadcast.

Provided live commentary and explanation of spot when broadcasting live on Trent Radio.

Collections Planning and Development Project

In partnership with the Peterborough Museum & Archives, a colleague and I undertook research into a neglected area of the museum’s collection. We investigated the social history of roller skates, scooters and skateboards and identified what objects should be included in a representative collection of the same.

Artifact Research Dossier: Canadian General Electric Motor


Performed extensive research on artifact in partnership with the Peterborough Museum & Archives, which was compiled into a formal dossier

This research was used to develop a small exhibit around the motor. You can read my dossier here.

Museum Exhibition Policy Development

In partnership with the Victoria County Historical Society of Lindsay, Ontario, our program developed a new set of policies for the society. My group developed an exhibition policy for the Society that was in accordance with the Standards for Community Museums in Ontario. You can read our policy here.

Retouching and Preparing Digital Images

Used Photoshop to crop, straighten, sharpen and repair images.

Preventive Conservation in situ

Brushing dust, dirt and lubricant residue from a motor

As part of a small team, performed preventive conservation procedures on artifacts of the Peterborough Museum & Archives.

We also examined the collections storage facility for weaknesses in their security design

Cleaning and Rehousing in situ

As part of a small team performed cleaning, condition assessments and artifact rehousing for several delicate textile artifacts.

Preparing cleaned textiles for rehousing
Measuring garments for condition reporting
Transporting newly rehoused textiles

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