A Progress Report

We’ve got a robot, folks.

Or, at least the beginnings of one.


Not exactly the greatest face out there, but once I get the LEDs in there it’ll be (hopefully) a bit more expressive.



As you can see, he uses servos to move (check in again soon for a post where I demonstrate the current range of motion). One servo controls the head’s left and right movement, while the other nods the eye assembly up and down. I’m hoping to add some more movements soon. The Phidget servomotor control board that interfaces with my computer is located inside the body itself.


Here’s a shot of the full figure as it is now. I hope to cover some the k’nex body work with some decorative cardboard to make it look more like you average movie robot, non-functional control panels and all.

Check Back Soon for some Movement!
Scott W. E. Dickinson


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